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Which is better, polyester thread or nylon thread?

        A netizen from XX said: nylon has better hygroscopicity and dyeability than polyester. It is alkali resistant but not acid resistant, and its fiber strength will be reduced after being exposed to sunlight for a long time. Nylon has heat setting characteristics, and can adhere to the bending deformation formed during heating. Nylon filament can be made into elastic yarn, and short yarn can be blended with cotton and acrylic fiber to increase lower strength and elasticity. In addition to the use in clothing and decorations, it is also used in industry, such as cord, transmission belt, hose, rope, fishing net, tire, parachute, etc.

        Another netizen replied: this cannot be confused. It depends on the material standard and strength of the two commodities. Commodities with high strength will naturally be firm. But nylon products can reach higher than polyester. For example, the strength range of polyester thread is 4-9cn/dtex, while the strength range of nylon thread is 4-12cn/dtex. The strength of the product you choose depends on how strong it is.

        To sum up, polyester thread and nylon thread have their own advantages. You can't just look at one and ignore the other, so it depends on the application occasion to choose whether to use polyester thread or nylon thread?

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