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The difference between polyester and nylon

1. Polyester is characterized by good air permeability and moisture removal, as well as strong acid and alkali resistance and UV resistance. Generally, the fabric with multiple of 75D is polyester, such as 75D, 150D, 300D and 600D, which is darker and rougher than nylon.

The advantages of nylon are high strength, high wear resistance, high chemical resistance, good deformation resistance and aging resistance. The disadvantage is that the handle is hard. Generally, the cloth with multiple of 70D is nylon, such as 70D, 210D, 420D, 840D are all made of nylon. The gloss of the cloth is relatively bright, and the handle is relatively smooth.

2. The moisture absorption of nylon fabric is a better variety in synthetic fiber fabrics, so clothes made of nylon are more comfortable than polyester clothes. However, polyester fabric has poor hygroscopicity, and it is stuffy and hot to wear. At the same time, it is easy to carry static electricity and dirt, which affects its beauty and comfort. However, it is easy to dry after washing, and the wet strength hardly decreases, and it does not deform, so it has good washing and wearingperformance.

3. Polyester is the fabric with the best heat resistance among synthetic fabrics, with a melting point of 260 ℃ and an ironing temperature of 180 ℃. Nylon has good moth resistance and corrosion resistance. The heat resistance and light resistance are not good enough. The ironing temperature should be controlled below 140 ℃.

Distinguishing method (combustion method):

1. Nylon, which shrinks rapidly near the flame and melts into a white colloid. It melts and drips and bubbles in the flame. There is no flame when burning, so it is difficult to continue burning without leaving the flame, emitting celery flavor. It is light brown after cooling, and the molten cloth is easy to grind.

2. Polyester, easy to ignite, melts and shrinks near the flame. When burning, it melts and emits black smoke. It is a yellow flame and emits a fragrant smell. The ashes after burning are black brown hard blocks, which can be crushed by fingers.

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